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Pandemic Response and Recovery

Counties are on the front lines of the COVID-19 response state and are carrying out direct service delivery in our communities across various sectors – emergency managers are coordinating the day-to-day response; county hospitals are caring for patients, testing, and preparing for a surge; social workers are assisting those who are newly eligible for social services programs, caring for those who are homebound, and securing facilities to house the homeless; local public health officials are evaluating data, disease tracing, and assessing next steps to protect public health; local public safety partners are working to ensure our communities are safe despite new responsibilities and new court protocols.

Managing Response to the Pandemic

Counties have expended considerable resources to manage during these unprecedented times and are facing ballooning caseloads at a time when essential local revenue sources are sure to plunge. Given what is expected to be a prolonged and potentially deep recession, UCC will focus on maximizing local resources and securing relief to assure continued delivery of critical services, including the following actions:

  • Work with the state to develop an array of county budget stabilization measures to mitigate significant shortfalls and ensure counties can continue to provide essential services in our communities;
  • Partner with the state to develop potential solutions to shore up local resources – with a particular focus on 1991 and 2011 Realignments.