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The Voice
for California’s
Urban Counties


The Urban Counties of California's (UCC) mission is to improve the lives of urban county residents by providing a strong, unified voice to advance policy and funding decisions for a broad array of vital public health, human services, behavioral health, public safety, community corrections, public works and other local services and programs that impact nearly 80 percent of the state's population residing in California's high-population counties.

Advocacy Priorities

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Implementing Investments and Initiatives

Recent state budget surpluses have brought extensive new state programs with implementation responsibilities for counties. Additionally, the state has looked to counties to partner on, or lead, solutions to persistent …

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Building the State's Critical Workforce

Counties are struggling to compete with private sector employees to attract and retain workers, especially for some of the most critical services that counties provide – county hospitals and clinic …

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Investing in the Next Generation

Children are society’s greatest asset, and smart investments in our communities’ youth and the systems that support them will drive improved downstream health, social, and educational outcomes. Building on important …

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Improving Safety and Accessibility of Public Meetings

The pandemic has brought with it considerable change in the way local public meetings are conducted. The use of technology has broadened opportunities for county elected and appointed officials to …

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Upcoming Meetings

The UCC Board of Directors' have final dates for its 2022 meeting schedule (see below). Please note UCC’s two in-person meetings this year will be held in May and November. If necessary, additional or emergency meetings may be scheduled to address emergent issues throughout the year.