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2021 UCC Priorities

California’s urban counties provide critical public services in communities across the state. On the state and federal governments’ behalf, urban counties are responsible for addressing the well-being of our state’s most vulnerable populations. In that spirit of partnership, urban counties seek state support for these efforts, including the following:


Pandemic Response and Recovery

Having expended considerable resources responding to COVID-19, counties now face uncertainty regarding additional federal relief coupled with declines in local revenues. Given ongoing service demands and uneven economic recovery, UCC …

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Homelessness and Homelessness Prevention

The state and counties have dedicated significant resources toward emergency shelters, housing, and outreach care for the homeless. Now, it is time to invest in resources to help those experiencing homelessness secure shelter in permanent housing options.

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State and Federal Support for County Health Systems

The Newsom Administration unveiled a comprehensive, multi-year approach to improving Medi-Cal in the fall of 2019. The Medi-Cal Healthier California for All proposal (formerly CalAIM) is the framework for California’s …

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Facilitating Implementation of Voter-Approved and Legislatively Enacted Reforms

Given the depth and variety of county functions, urban counties will bear considerable responsibility for implementing reforms approved in 2020. UCC will advocate for appropriate flexibility and sufficient resources in …

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