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UCC was established in 1991 as the representative voice for state legislative advocacy for California’s high-population counties. Initially composed of seven counties, the association has grown to 14 today. The UCC Board of Directors is made up of one elected supervisor from each member county. Over 80 percent of the state’s population reside in UCC counties. Consequently, urban counties carry out critical programs and services to the state’s most vulnerable populations.

Board of Directors

  • Kelly Long

    Chair, Ventura County

  • Susan Ellenberg

    Vice Chair, Santa Clara County

  • Keith Carson

    Alameda County

  • Federal Glover

    Contra Costa County

  • Ernest “Buddy” Mendes

    Fresno County

  • Mark Ridley-Thomas

    Los Angeles County

  • Lisa Bartlett

    Orange County

  • Chuck Washington

    Riverside County

  • Susan Peters

    Sacramento County

  • Curt Hagman

    San Bernardino County

  • Greg Cox

    San Diego County

  • Vacant

    San Francisco County

  • Tom Patti

    San Joaquin County

  • Carole Groom

    San Mateo County

UCC Staff and Advocacy Team

  • Grace Ferguson

    Urban Counties of California

  • Jean Kinney Hurst

    UCC Advocacy Team
    Hurst Brooks Espinosa

  • Elizabeth Howard Espinosa

    UCC Advocacy Team
    Hurst Brooks Espinosa

  • Kelly Brooks-Lindsey

    UCC Advocacy Team
    Hurst Brooks Espinosa

  • Joseph L. Lang

    UCC Advocacy Team
    Lang, Hansen, O'Malley & Miller

  • Bob Giroux

    UCC Advocacy Team
    Lang, Hansen, O'Malley & Miller

Association Policies and Procedures

UCC’s foundational policy platform, which guides its legislative and budget advocacy, and its by-laws are provided here. Revisions to the by-laws to reflect recent organizational changes are expected in 2020.