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Building the State’s Critical Workforce

Counties are struggling to compete with private sector employees to attract and retain workers, especially for some of the most critical services that counties provide – county hospitals and clinic systems, public health departments, as well as human services and probation agencies offering services to some of California’s most vulnerable populations. Urban counties recognize that workforce shortage could have a profound impact on the children and families served by counties. Therefore, urban counties are supportive of state efforts to expand on the below efforts.

Building the State's Critical Workforce

To advocate for California's workers shortages across many sectors, UCC will:

  • Expand health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, and behavioral health clinicians
  • Expand public health workforce
  • Expand Master of Social Work student pipelines
  • Expand childcare/early childhood education provider pipeline
  • Expand recruitment, training, and advancement opportunities for probation agency professionals
  • Expand other relevant vocational training opportunities, as they relate to county government workforce