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Archived Board Meetings

May 18

UCC Board of Directors’ Meeting – May 18, 2022

The 2022-23 May Revision; Legislative Update and other items to be discussed during this meeting. An agenda packet will be available approximately one week before this meeting.

Apr 20

UCC Board of Directors’ Meeting – April 20, 2022

The Board approved the Association Administrator’s employee contract; Falcon, Inc was welcomed as UCC’s newest sponsor; and the Board approved CARE Court action item.

Mar 02

UCC Board of Directors’ Meeting – March 2, 2022

The Board took clarifying action on the Final UCC Water Policy, was informed on UCC’s Budget Year-to-Date Report; provided the final 2022 Board Meeting schedule and other updates were provided in the link below.

Jan 12

UCC Board of Directors’ Meeting – January 12, 2022

The Board took action on the following items: Election of Association Officers for 2022; Adoption of Conflict of Interest Policy; and approved both the revised UCC Advocacy Priorities and Proposed UCC Water Principles and Policies with edits.